“Talking Black” and Other Ridiculousness.

So first of all, this does involve Justin Bieber, so let me get that apology out-of-the-way. But just follow me for a minute. It may surprise you as much as it surprises me that Justin is a perfect example in a Sociological debate.

Like, probably none of you, I saw a snippet of a deposition where the Biebs was answering for hitting a paparazzi or something. I was immediately struck by Biebs very….erm….URBAN accent. It sounded like he was raised in some New York Borough instead of CANADA. I actually said “Bitch you’re from Canada!” to my computer screen. It must also be noted that the Biebs has, lately, tried to portray himself as somewhat of a rapper. He frequently takes his shirt off in public (seriously all the time…really, congrats on the puberty, now get dressed fool), is chugging the Purple Drank (allegedly) hanging out with some, not so well-known, rappers, and, inexplicably, attempting to “sound Black”

He is hardly the only one. I notice this phenomenon a lot with White women who date Black men. Suddenly they go from sounding like Marsha Brady and start sounding like a Dave Chappell skit. As if being in the presence of a Black person makes a person who has never left the state of South Carolina, suddenly start speaking like they’re from New York.

Now, I know you are ready to start foaming at the mouth and throw fruit at your computer screen…but still, hang with me just a minute. My disclaimer here is: I don’t dislike Justin Bieber, and I think love is love, so I don’t disagree with Bi-racial relationships. And for the record, I didn’t invent the phenomenon of “Sounding Black” or “Sounding White“. What I do disagree with is the ridiculousness that Black is a sound. What I do disagree with is a White person trying to change their syntax and manner of speech in an effort to sound more like a person or group you claim to care about. It is the verbal equivalent of “I can’t be racist, some of my best friend’s are Black”. Guess what, when you say that and when you say it the way you do, you are the very epitome of racist. You have boiled your relationship with your friend or partner into a TOKEN relationship. You have reinforced the notion that Black people sound “street” and white people sound educated. It is the verbal equivalent of Black-face and makes you sound like an idiot.




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